What To Do When The A/C is Out

I was blinded by the heat as I walked into my house.  Something’s wrong, it too hot in here.  I walked over to the digital thermostat on the wall and it registered 96 degrees.  Way too hot for me to be comfortable.  It was late in the day and late July is the wrong time to have problems with the air conditioner.  All repairmen are working overtime and doing double duty and my immediate crisis is in a long line of others.

I settled on the suede  couch as I wondered what to do.  Just as mercury rises, the temperature in my living room did the same.  I decided to relieve myself by jumping in the shower.  Should I take a cold shower and cool off or a steaming hot shower that may get me acclimated to this heat.I decided to do both.  After a long day of decision making at office, why make decisions at home?  I told myself to be free.  My type A personality rarely gives me an opportunity to be free and uninhibited.  Today is different.  It’s hotter than St. Elmo’s fire and I’m feeling some type of way.

As I lowered my clothes off, a quick glimpse in the mirror reminded me of the pretty pink bra and undies that I put on this morning.  I knew when I put them on it would provide the confidence that I need for my lunch meeting.  This Victoria Secret is my secret recipe for a winning  power lunch meeting.  Where does she get that confidence?  What’s in her stride today that exudes a certain sexiness.  Reliving my thoughts from what a simple bra and panty set produced,  I slowly began to slide my bra off and twirl it around as if I was teasing an unknown guy.  My ample breast is my weapon of choice, when I need to get that extra little something from my male counterparts at work. You can’t blame a girl for using tools in her arsenal.

My panties were next.  High waisted, french cut accentuates my shape and today I must say I’m on point and my 3 inch heels makes my butt look fuller.  I gingerly slid  my fantasy panties down past my steep stilettos as I danced to the music in my head. Falling to the floor, my panties looked like a canvas.  I smiled at myself.   After all no one was there but me.  I began to sway my body left and right and then in circles.  I was feeling rather sexy.  The heat had gotten to me and I began to breathe slowly and deeply. Something was happening.  Before, I knew I had drifted to another place.

A place where there were no inhibitions.  I was free to explore my body.  The fullness of my breast was not a point of shame.  The curve on back arched in that stripper position was priceless.  My long legs that was once a source of  shame, was a pleasing asset to me now.  I was eager to discover parts of me that have never been touched by my hands. My hands frantically moved. I am beautiful.  I am sexy. And Boy!  Do I feel good.  I eased into the shower dripping wet before the water drizzled down my breast.  I never remember the stream from the jets hitting my breasts just right before, but today this shower is magical.  The gentle vibrations from the flow of water tickled my breast and felt like wet lips circling my nipples.  I turned the pressure higher.  I wanted more. I needed more.

I removed the hand-held shower head and like a cascading waterfall I drizzled water all over my body.  The flow of the water gave me what my body needed.  My body begged for more and I didn’t want the journey to end.  I pleasured myself through my entire shower experience and went to heights unknown.

Drained from the shower, I draped myself across the bed, drunken from my escapade  when suddenly I heard the garage door.  It was my husband returning home early from work.  I didn’t possess  the energy to dress myself so that I didn’t  give away what I had been doing.  He entered the door and called out to me.  Unable to move, he found me draped across the bed naked.  The curve of my naked rear excited him.  Hurriedly, he ran and took a shower.  Too tired to care, I drifted on to sleep from my pleasure land experience.

My peace was disturbed as I awoke to my husband entering me.  The sound of his voice gasping excited me.  Like a panther he moved, my pleasure principal was awaken all over again.  Steady, then faster, then steady our breaths began to sigh in rhythm, and our passions were ignited.  Our bodies engulfed in sweat and dripping  we grooved for what seems like eternity until we both arrived.

Should I get this A/C fixed?

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