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The Power of Sisterhood in the Community


The Power of Sisterhood is a unique current that runs through the foundation of friendships.  This electrical magnet that connects women to other women through times  of great happiness to times of the deepest sadness is the power that forges the strongest relationship.  Where would be without our best friend?  This sister that cried for you when you got married. Celebrated your accomplishments as if they were her own.  It is my hope that this site explores the upward and downward journeys of sisters across the world.  Grab a cup of tea and explore the many colors of sisterhood.  As I write this post, I am so excited to hear of stories, experiences and journeys to destinations unknown. I know the power of sisterhood and  I have a front row seat.

Ladies, as we unpack our lives together, lets draw upon the authenticity that makes us all  organic.   Over the last few years I have connected/attracted myself  to many women who are  living out loud.  I’m in a great space in this  time continuum and I’m loving my life through the lives of others.

I’ve learned that although we are all different somehow we are uniquely the same.  I’m sure you think that is a contradiction of terms, but you will discover that some of the threads we share are so common. So if  sharing the best recipes, pictures of girlfriend weekends, prayer journals, organization tips, telling secrets, marriage celebration, new births, beauty tips and marriage endurance are what you are  looking for then you’ve found HOME.

Thank God For Sistas.

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