Start 2017 A New Look At Resolutions

I believe in a real heaven and a real hell.  I believe that God exist and so does evil.  For these reasons alone, I know that there comes a time when I must deal with good and bad as it relates to my life.  For most of 2016 my life was great. I lived out loud and I became free in so many things that held me bound.  In other words, my struggle was real despite many wonderful things.  I’m sure you know what I mean.  It is that distance from where you don’t dare complain but want to.  There is something afoot in this other area of my life that is threatening to take my peace.

I, like many others decided that 2017 was going to be my year!  Each year many of us declare this after we find it necessary to shake off the previous year’s bumps and bruises.  However, this year I am declaring and decreeing, putting in the atmosphere, speaking it into existence, hocus pokas, abra ca dabra or whatever needs to be said that 2017 MUST BE DIFFERENT.  If you feel me on this, then you know where I am coming from.  This cannot be just another new year’s resolution.  This cannot just be another 30 day journey or a 21 day make something happen.  I NEED AND NEEDED A CHANGE. For the past two weeks while I have been on vacation, I’ve watched webinars, attended many self- help groups, watched many gurus and I tell you I am emptier than when I started.  The rhetoric is the same and there doesn’t seem to be anything of substance for those who are ready to start but don’t know where to begin. If someone else tells me to start now one more time……..

I’ve concluded that someone needs to tell me where to start or I need to find my own starting place.  Which brings me to what I have always known, that the starting place for me is always detoxing.  I always need to get rid of before I can start ANYTHING .  It is my process.  My process alone.  You may be the kind of person that can just start where someone has left off.  Or start where someone else has told you to begin.  But, that has never been me.  I have always had to repair, rebuild or reconstruct my starting place.  I’m a rebel of sorts.  Not something, I am proud of.  Because I loveeeee to fit in.  It’s my one struggle; the desire to fit in.   My reality is that I have always been a misfit, awkward and sometimes an outcast.  I think differently and act differently.  It’s taken me decades to appreciate my uniqueness and now I’m the first one to protect it.  So, where do I start?

For 2017 before I can begin to take the bull by the horn, walk into my destiny, take the keys from everything that has been taken from me and take the first step.  I must start 2017.  My starting place is to detox my space, my closet, my universe, my secret dwelling place of the Most High by purifying.  The act of detoxing/purifying became abundant in my life when I realized that my life was spinning out of control.  Now for me it wasn’t that my entire life was shaken up, but just a few things in an ordinary controlled life.  Most people wouldn’t feel the need to detox the way that I felt, because most people  live with a little disorganization, craziness or drama.  But, I am happy to say that is not typical of my life or at least it seemed.  When one or two things spin out of control you tie your boot straps and make adjustments but not for those who are control freaks. A simple bump produces a tidal wave of symptoms.  Such was the case with me.  So toward the end of 2016, I was just spinning neither out of control or in control. Just a constant state of spinning.  So, I told the world to stop because I wanted get off.  I didn’t want to ride anymore.  Can you feel me?

Sage is a wonderful plant that has many medicinal purposes, but it is great for cleansing.  Since my home is my sanctuary, I needed to start here.  A year ago I started smudging my home.  Smudging is the practice of purifying a room with the smoke of herbs (sage) to clear the negative energy from the room.  Now, I am no mystic, but I can tell you that I incorporate essential oils in my home and I will be the first to tell you how it has dramatically changed the mood and the energy I share with my husband.  For months I fooled my husband by burning essential oils in the home when he had a troublesome day and placing drops in the shower for him.  When, I became lazy about doing, he complained without knowing what I was doing, by saying “my showers don’t feel as relaxing as they did”.  I also reminded him that we went from having some disagreements to hardly any.  Everyone that enters I home remarks about the tranquility.

I consider myself to be a spiritual being.  Because of this, I take value in what I read in the Bible.  Jewish history gives a long tradition that goes back to the original tabernacle with the children of Israel.  God gave Israel instructions for creating an altar of incense.  Note that the altar of incense was set in the Holy Place in front of the Holy of Holies.  The priest would daily burn incense on the altar.  It was a perpetual burning before the Lord to represent the prayers.  I don’t know about you, but anything that can help move my prayers directly to heaven, I’m all for it.

I’ve studied essential oils and their meaning for the past 8 ten years and I can’t tell you enough about it.  If I hadn’t seen with my own eyes and experience the many benefits with my own hands, I would believe it.  Using the purifying rituals don’t have to be for those in biblical times, it should be used frequently in our day and time.  We are riddled with toxins and chemicals and these powerful botanicals can cover a multitude of chemicals.

I believe in an energy that wires this entire world.  For me, that energy is God the father of Jesus Christ. In other religions that energy is called many things that I don’t need to go into because I’m not trying to prove my belief.  But, there is nothing that does not exist without energy.  Even in science if we break the tiniest of atoms, we find energy there.  There is no place God doesn’t exist, so for me God is energy.  There are opposite energies that seek to destroy your peace, your life and your comfort.  If you allow it to it will create war in your home, strife in your marriage, unhappiness in your job and mainly disease in your life.

For years I didn’t know how to fight for myself, family or my marriage.  I lacked the proper tools and I wasn’t aware of who my true enemy one.  There is a force that seeks to destroy you and your life.  He runs rampant in the lives of others because many think that they are fighting against flesh and blood.  Until you are prepared to detox all that hinders you there is no way that you can START 2017.

This year I promise you is different.  This is no pep talk or motivational speak.  You must start 2017 today armed with the right weapons.  You don’t need another pastor, evangelist, mentor, life coach or bishop to tell you where you are going if you don’t know where to stop.  I see so many people who look just like me that think, I get the where I am supposed to be, but how do I start?  I’m telling you that your starting place is removal.  Take off the weight and the wait.  Detox the body and the spirit.  Clean the sanctuary and I don’t mean the body.  You live in your home more than you reside in the body.  Although, I’m contradicting myself by saying that.  Most people are aware of their physical residence than the residence of their body so your home is your starting place.  When you clear that area, you are able to focus on the rest.  Getting your house in order is not easy task even if it’s clean.  You will be surprised what detoxing the air and the energy in your home will bring.  START 2017!

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