My review of Art Naturals Soliel Mineral Water Cooling Spray

You may have guessed by now that I love natural products and such. So when I come across a great product I can’t wait to share it with everyone. I’m loving this company Art Naturals(not a sponsor). I’ve ordered many products from this company and to date I have not had one complaint about anything I’ve purchased. I will admit some  of the products that I have purchased, I purchased at a discount for a review. But, everything I ordered was something that I wanted to try. But, sistas I must tell you that you will not go wrong with any of  items you purchase from Art Naturals. The quality is unparalleled and you know it’s hard to impress me as a cosmetic formulator myself. I’m so in love with their facials products.  I recently purchased this little bundle of joy, Soliel, mineral water cooling spray  and I had to share it with my workout group. This mineral water pick me up is just what the doctor ordered during breaks on my strenuous workouts.  It is infused with aloe and cucumber extracts that tones and hydrates the skin.  I also use it as a setting spray for my makeup and it gives me a dewey glow to my skin. I’m loving it!

I travel a lot on planes and this has been a great way to rehydrate myself and the air in the plane. Most recently I had to sit next to the bathroom on a four flight and the odors that lingered was nothing to be desired. I occasionally freshened the air and I was thanked by several passengers who asked,” where can I get a bottle of that?”  I told them that I had purchased it on Amazon because I  am a Amazon ShopAholic. I shop everything online. By the way, who has time to go to the store anymore? That is so 1990’s.

I’m sure there are many products on the market that work well. For example, the Evian Water mister. I so fell in love with that one too. So many of my friends got that as gifts one year because I bought out all that I could find. It was like a little secret we had kept from the rest of the world. In the middle of the work day when the day just seemed to drag a little bit longer and we needed just something to encourage us through the day, the magic of a little spritz of Evian Water always saved the day.

I love finding looking beauties that make my day more pleasant.  I’m a product lover and as quirky as it may be, I look for unusual things in life that brings balance, health and relaxation to my life.  For some we may find this in food, others in drinks, but it easier for me  to pay a few dollars for peace and tranquility than a prescription.

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