My Review of Amazon Fire TV Stick


Over the labor day weekend the hubby and I got a chance to visit his childhood best friend in San Diego.  I love San Diego and  it was my second trip there in a month.  I’m not sure what happens to me when I go there but I always return bursting with ideas and a sense of energy to do more.  I can breathe there and my creative juices come to life.  I always enjoy seeing my husband and his best friend together it is as if  time stood still for them as they relive their childhood antics.  They love they hold for each other is so endearing to me that I want to capture it and suspend it in time.

This time together is no different than any other time they get together.  It always involve sports.  And for us wives who sit on the sidelines of them, it’s  the beginning of football season.  The room  is filled with arguments and debates over  who is the better player and who has the better team.  For my husband, there is no better team than The Cowboys.  I pray the  Cowboys  have a winning season.  It’s sometimes unbearable when I have to talk my husband off the roof when they lose.  Tony Romo please heal quickly, the life of my husband depends on it.  After much discussion their debates usually develops into what I call the “one upness”.  For this long labor day weekend it was the debate between Roku and the Amazon Fire Stick.  My Fire Stick is better than your Roku.

In our home we have had the pleasure of the Roku stick  for about a year.  I’m not much of a television watcher other than the Discovery and PBS channel, but the Roku stick has caused a shift in the household.  It gives me choices.  A girl with choices creates a world of opportunities.  In one year, I’ve filtered in “House of Cards, “Boss” and many others series that I binge and grow impatient waiting for the next season to start.  I’ve  formed a habit.  Roku is here to stay.  My husband who is a self-described TV addict believes  that there was never a world without television.  He asked, what did people do when there was no television?   He and my best friend are wonderfully connected to the television as some kind of lifeline to the world.  To each is own.  But, I have to admit, the Roku stick is amazing………until.

In just one weekend, our world was changed around.  We were introduced to the Amazon Fire Stick. Did we need another streaming video device?  No, I thought.  But, this healthy debate between my husband and best friend would prove to be no easy debate.  In fact, this debate got so serious that I believe our presidential candidates could  pause and take notes from these two.  As I sat and listened to  the pros of the Amazon Fire Stick, I began to slightly wonder what more possibilities did this little streaming miracle add.  Before long I would know.

Over the three day holiday I became sold on the Amazon Fire Stick. With blanket, pj’s, throws and pillows our slumber party was filled with love and laughter as we watched movies both current and  old.  I wished time would stand still.  We connected and bonded over what the Amazon Fire Stick formed; lasting friendship  As an Amazon shopper, I never knew that possibilities I had at my finger tips.   Amazon is an amazing market place for me.  I can shop in the comfort of my home and now thanks to them, I can stream great movies too.  So, what made Amazon better than the Roku.  Nothing.  The  Fire Stick isn’t better, it just for our preference  gave us better choices in our  movie selection. Others may find a better selection in Roku.  Unlike Roku, the  movie categories are not repeated.  For example, “House of Cards” would show up in 3 or 4 different categories.  I hated that.  We still have Roku in the bedroom, but Fire Stick lives in the living room where most television is watched.  Here’s my take on the pros and cons of the Fire Stick:

Set up was easy and straight forward although husband asked me for my assistance.  It took us only about 10 minutes. In fact, since he and I have Amazon accounts, most of the information was captured  as  soon as  we plugged  in the streamer. I find that the interface is quick and easy to use. The interface and streaming on the Stick is much faster than the Amazon app built into my HDTV. This fact alone made this a great purchase.


– Quick and easy to install/ Very Affordable
– Wireless streaming works really well/ no buffering
– Amazon Instant video loads, fast forwards, and rewinds really fast
– A dedicated Prime Menu allows Prime members to easily see what free content is available
–  the Fire TV Stick includes a remote and voice remote
– Can stream your own videos by first uploading them to your cloud disk
– Can play  games
– Better specs than Chromecast and Roku Stick
– Mobile. I plan to use Fire TV Stick when I travel for work
– Stream local videos and other content using the Plex app (T



– Not as fast as Fire TV.

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