Organic Sista Welcomes You!


Welcome Home Sistas!Organic Sista greets you with all the love.  We are a community of strong women who want to live out loud.  Our silent living has been ignored and we are roaring like a lioness.  We seek to engage the most power positive movement of women across the world.  This place will be  infused with the biggest bowl of salad.  What do we mean by that?  Most people want a world that is a big melting pot.  At Organic  Sista we do not wish to have a big pot where everyone is melted together.  The beauty of the  perfect salad is that all the ingredients remain the same and are each complimented by the other ingredients.  If you are Spanish, we need you to come with your Spanish flavor.  If you are African American then we welcome you African Spice.  If you are Caucasian we welcome your sauce.  If you are Chinese we want your infusion and if you are Latino, Italian, Greek, European, Indian and every other nationality have a seat and tell us about you.


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You are welcome in this space Organic Sista

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