Organic Sista loves little Organic Girls

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I’m proud to be on a national tour promoting empowerment to young ladies of all races and ages. The Girls Who Brunch Tour, has been an impactful year of reaching back into the community and teach young girls that they DO Matter. With the recent sling on violence in neighborhoods across America it is vitally important to play a key role in the lives on young ladies.

Early this year, I met author, Nicola Mitchell and  she voiced to me her passion of being an advocate for young ladies. Nicola, was raped three times  by the age  of 15 and mothered two children out of wedlock.  She could have easily become a victim of her circumstances, but she survived and became a survivor.  Girls Who Brunch Tour has toured cities such as Atlanta, Charleston,  Indianapolis, Baltimore, Las Vegas and Jacksonville enriching each host city with powerful workshops  such as literacy, chemistry, banking and beauty (of course).   We hope to see you in a city near you.  Won’t you join us.


Booking in your city:   Please contact Nicola Mitchell at

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