My love affair with Luggage Cubes

Ok, I travel a lot.  I mean a lot lately so much so that I need sneakers for my frequent travel miles.  Although I’m loving all this globetrotting , I’ve come across times where I was deeply embarrassed by what I have witness at the security check.  Now, I warn you that this is just my observation, but I’ve found at times where certain beautiful women who were unnecessarily re-screened.   Their bags had gone through the security screening process and male TSA agents had to do second checks of their bags. I’ve had this happen to me to without any incident. But,  I remember one gorgeous lady asking, what triggered her bags to be searched beyond the security cameras. I could sense her frustration and believed that she has been a target of this before. She was definitely beautiful and difficult not to notice.  I’m a women and I appreciated her beauty.  She explained to me that this always happens.

I watched in horror as they went through her carry on bag displaying her delicates and believing that the security check guy was  getting some pleasure out of it. At that moment I thought to myself what if that was me.

A few weeks ago, I was watching one of my favorite youtubers,  At Home With Nikki and she was talking about something that I had seen on amazon while searching for luggage tags.  She was showing how she packs for vacation using luggage cubes.  I couldn’t finish watching the video before ordering these wonderful organization bags.  Nothing makes this girl more  excited that organization tips and  products. I purchased luggage cubes for my new London Fog luggage set my friend Diane bought me for my birthday and they have made my life happier. I love the conversations when women compliment me  on my luggage. These cubes are durable and some come waterproof. I guess for those of us who swim with our luggage. But, the added option doesn’t hurt if you pack liquids, so I get it.  I’m a sucker for anything pretty and boy let me  tell you how organized and cute it looks  with my fettish/obsession for luggage.

This weekend my husband and I traveled to San Diego for his birthday.While at the airport a young lady dropped her suitcase I believe and everything was on display as we walked by.  I  immediately thought about the luggage cubes I had packed that my husband mocked me with earlier by saying it doesn’t take all that to pack a suitcase.  He said a man would never purchase luggage cubes.  As we walked by I said to my husband, if she had used luggage cubes, her delicates and her personables would not be on display on the floor.  I wanted to stop and ask her had she ever heard of luggage cubes, but I didn’t.  I knew however, that  I would share this story for women as a tip to other women. Luggage cubes are the wave of the future.

You can find them on amazon or ebay.  I found these beauties at amazon and I can’t begin to tell you how they make my traveling a  little more carefree.

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