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Welcome to Organic Sista, home of intentional  and organic living.  It is my desire this website is an oasis for women to live their lives out authentically.  If you’re like me then you ed life of peace, wholeness and tranquility.  And if you’re not there yet, don’t worry, in this journey called life we travel the same roads.  Let’s travel together sisters.

I started Organic Sista out of a personal need to become authentic with myself, others and God.  After living a successful life, I found myself looking for something that was missing.  I took inventory of my life and I had everything that  I wanted.  I had actually created a life that most women would envy.  Yet,  something was still missing.  I’m sure  you’ve been there before too.  All things in your life is operating smoothly, but you can’t put your finger on what is missing.  Well, that  was me in 2009, 2010 and 2011.  There was a gaping hole in me that was getting larger.  Prayer didn’t help, friends were few and every self-help book did not fix what was broken.

I needed to be fixed.  But, how do you diagnose a problem when you can’t describe the symptoms?  This lead to a wonderful journey of self discovery.  As women we are defined by our relationships.  We are either someone’s mother, daughter, sister or friend.  Each role comes with a predefined  set of rules, transcripts, expectations and behaviors.  The problem is no one has a manual.  Our God-given ability to nurture relationships provides us with a natural skill set to navigate well into these roles, however,  we lack the ability of the blueprint that defines who we are outside of these roles.  Here I was one day sitting on my couch looking out the window and thinking Who Am I?

I know I’m not the only to have mouthed these words.  After all, we are all told to  find our purpose.  Unlike many others, I knew my purpose.  I knew the reason why I was placed on God’s great earth, but I didn’t know who I was dependent on the roles I played.  All the characters that I play in this set called life all came to a dramatic climax within a few short years.  My mother died so my role as a daughter was gone.  I lost two of my closest friends; one to death and the other to betrayal so my role as friend was gone.  My husband and I separated for a year , my role as wife was placed on hold, my only son graduated and moved out.  For as long as I could remember, I was Amy’s daughter, Diane’s sister, Kendrick’s wife, and Brandon’s mom and someone’s friend.  But, apart from these roles I was lost.

This time alone created a depth of despair and discovery.  All my hidden fears were realized.  I was alone and lonely.  Everything and everyone that I had valued was gone in some aspect of my life.  I needed a new normal.  I began asking myself what is it that  I truly wanted.  The first thing for me was that I wanted a closer walk with God.  Through my hurried life, I had ranked God as number 3 or 4 in my life.  Of course there was times  when he would be #1 in my life.  You know during the hard times.  But, now I wanted more of him not because I needed something but because I wanted to give God something.  I realized that God was the only person that did not have a personal expectation of me.  He wanted to give me something.  It was his love which I freely began to receive.

I took stock in every area of my life.  I began to simplify my life.  Things that once mattered  no longer matter.  I began to have vision of a minimalist life.  I became obsessed with basic needs survivalism.  I had secretly planned to buy some property and attempt to farm it myself.  I had found my oasis.  I was going off-grid and I was  living the world behind.  I had become frustrated  with organized  religion, government involvement, damage to environment, damage to our water and food supply.  I was becoming one of those people who I thought a few years before that had gone crazy when they quit corporate america and said, I am leaving it all!  That was me.  STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF.

I’m happy to say that much hasn’t changed for me from a thought process.  I didn’t sell all that I had and bought a farm.  I began to agree that the off-grid, no-running water and electricity was not probably going to work (thank you Tammie).  But, I could make modifiable changes.  I began natural living.  I surrounded my home with natural fibers, essential oils and sustainable products.  I learned how to make my own cosmetics and natural medicines.  I began teaching others who to live an organic life while not compromising my professional career.  I was becoming naturally me.  A teacher! It is in this arena that I find my greatest sense of accomplishment.  I have found a spirit that lives within me that cries to be free.  And I’m most free when I am watching the heart of another women living naturally and authentically organic.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you.  I’m so excited for all those who will follow this page and provide  insights.  I’m a believer in that iron sharpens iron.  I promise to give you an intentional sista who will provide you with all  the knowledge, wisdom and expertise that I have pure and unadulterated.   I will use this platform to build, inspire and empower  you to be an Organic Sister.

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