Fall Cleaning to Fall In Love Again


It’s fall again and it’s time to do what I do in the spring.  Each year twice a year I do a deep cleaning of my house. There is this sense of preparing for the fall that I love.  It’s my favorite time of year because I think it’s romantic. The leaves are falling and I fall in love all over again.  Many of my friends cringe when I say this, but it seems as if something internally begs for long walks in the park, become nostalgic for the 80’s music and more importantly there is this surge in my closeness with my husband.  So yes, fall is always  important in my house.

I equate cleaning and de-cluttering with so many things.  But, organization is a constant struggle.  The systems that  I have set up in the spring are not as implemented as they once where.  It where life happens.  This year from spring to fall, I have traveled more miles and lived out of suitcases than I can imagine speaking, teaching and training.  I don’t think that I’ve been home more than two weeks this year.  So all systems are not “Go” in my house.  My closet is a former shell of itself.  It was once color coordinated, but now I’m spend most of my days trying to avoid the  terror that I call my closet.  The fridge and freezer organization is abysmal as my husband has  lived much like a bachelor since I’ve been on a speaking tour.  I dread starter here.  The rest of the house has a semblance  of organization because these are the areas the most visitors see and the areas that I have “trained” my husband to keep clean or suffer my wrath.  (Apparently my threats have gone unnoticed at times.)

But I wanted to share with you.  How I got here versus where I was.  In my “control freak” days, there was nothing out of place in my house or life.  I simply managed my life and things around me.  Sometimes people.  But, I’m delivered.  A prescription, yoga, natural medicine and breathing techniques later, I’ve learned that I’m not God on earth.  Cleanliness got me no closer to Godliness.

There was a time (many years ago now) when I defined effective cleaning by how my house smelled when I entered the room.  You know that smell of chemicals that makes you feel like your house is clean?  My house was cleaned but it wasn’t healthy.  It’s not really clean unless I can smell the chemicals!   Thanks to eczema, a son and a mother  with bad skin  that I learned about green cleaning.  We have suffered many things at the hands of many harmful chemicals in the home.   I no longer use chemicals as my measure stick for cleanliness but I do like my air in my house to smell fresh and clean.  I’ve just learned how to do it without all the chemicals.   We can’t avoid chemicals and I don’t necessarily think all chemicals are bad.  Water is a chemical and I need it for survival.  So, I try to educate others on safe chemicals and products that you can use safely in your home to clean.

DIY Cleaner Basic Ingredients

Below are all the ingredients that I use for cleaning my home.  If you use a combination of these ingredients you have cleaning solutions for every part of your home.  I do mean every part of your home! we_clean_green

• Baking Soda
• Vinegar
• Borax
• Hydrogen Peroxide
• Essential oils, like tea tree oil, lemon, sage, rosemary,  eucalyptus oil, or lemongrass oil,ginger
• Soap Nuts
• Castille Soap
• alcohol
• Water

 * Bleach, and yes I use it although it’s not natural.  Sometimes life calls for it and I’m not afraid to admit I use it.
Here’s where you can find some cute labels for your cleaning creations  at Elegance and Enchantment.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/ps9zfxgpg75udvi/Elegance%20and%20Enchantment%20Cleaning%20Labels%20-%20Large.pdf?dl=0
My go to all purpose cleaner is:
1 qt of distilled water
20 drops of lemon
10 drops of tea tree
5 drops of rosemary or thyme
1 tbsp of borax or soap nuts
This pretty much cleanse my entire house for routine cleaner.  For tougher jobs, I will add a little vinegar to the mixture and ginger because it’s makes my entire house smell  wonderful.


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