The Best Lavender Essential Oil Ever

I’ve found the best lavender essential oil, ever!  I’m an essential oil fanatic.  So much so that I wrote a book on Aromatherapy and created an entire certification course. I believe in the essences of oils and their healing benefits have been  proven time and time again.   I regularly use essential oils  in cleaning, aromatherapy and natural product development.  I may need to see someone about this, but I really, really love essential oils.  I’m an essential oil fanatic. Did I say that already?   I love steaming oils  in my home  and office to create  balance and they are amazing in the shower when I need a pick me up.   For months now, I’ve place my secret blend (lavender, lemon, rosemary and chamomile)of relaxing oils in my husband’s dressing room. I had hoped that he would say something or thank me  for doing such a wonderful thing but, for awhile  he never said a thing.   One night while  watching television, he mentioned that he felt a sense of peace whenever he walked into  his dressing room. I immediately, replied, “really?” He explained, that coming home from a hard day at work, that he would feel  a great sense of peace whenever he walked into his dressing room and that he would find himself lingering there.  Somehow lately, he no longer felt that way.

As I sat in astonishment, I secretly wanted to keep it to myself and not share what I had been doing. I explained to him that for  the past  few  months that I  was adding essential oils to his  room and that many days I would infuse the oils until right before  he came home.  I had stopped  diffusing the oils after he didn’t respond.   I was surprised to see that he had noticed a difference despite  being very doubtful  of the  therapeutic benefits of oils.  But, when he said to me, please don’t stop “steaming the oils” then  I knew I had a believer.

Over the years I have spent a small fortune to find great quality oils.  As a formulator, quality oils is what set your product a part from other products on the market. I’ve found great oils  at Mountain Rose Herbs and Camden Grey and who doesn’t love Doterra oils.  Their lemon and ginger is my all  time  favorite.  Most people struggle with the cost of essential oils.  But, when you understand that it takes many pounds of plant based material just to get a few ounces of essential oils then you can see why essential oil are costly.

Recently,  I found some oils  that I received at a discount for a review. I was amazed that the price was reasonable and the packaging was just first class.  I ordered Art Naturals Lavender Oil on Amazon because lavender is my favorite of all essential oils.  It helps me to relax and it creates a sense of well-being.  More importantly it helps me with my anxiety and my endless insomnia. Of all the oils I have lavender  is the oil that I have from several companies and they too are all amazing, so I really don’t have a good reason for jumping ship and trying another brand other than the price point was great.  I guess I’m like most people, a product junky or  I lack product faithfulness.   When the product arrived it was packaged beautifully as if it was gift.  This impressed me greatly as I had felt guilty that I had yet, another lavender essential oil.  But, I did admit to having an addiction.  And I did what most addicted people do, I used it.    To save myself from embarrassment I will not tell you how many lavender oils in my arsenal, but this brand of oil was the truest lavender oil that I have experienced in years.  I felt like I was on a lavender plantation.  I immediately infused the oils and  within minutes I had created a sense of peace and serenity.

Included with my order was a .05 oz size lavender that I could use for traveling.  This proved to be helpful for recent travels where there were bad odors on the plane as well as sick people. The bonus with this package is a sample of their signature blend. Let me tell you, after I used this blend, I rushed and ordered several more.  I have used this blend as gifts and everyone has thanked me endlessly for gifting it except for one friend who says the packaging is so pretty she doesn’t want to use it.

I’m always on a quest to find quality oils at a cheaper price without skimping on the quality.  I think Art Naturals fills the  criteria.  There are other quality oils that make up the line of Art Naturals that can be useful in the home. This brand has Organic Sista stamp of approval.organicsista


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