I believe in an Organic God

I believe in an Organic God/Unapologetic A God Chaser

Originally on Youtube, “I Love Being A Christian,” Channel

I believe in an Organic God. I believe God to be untouched, unpolluted, unaffected, and unimaginable.  I believe  God to be so Holy that we can’t even touch the surface of his very existence.  Thank God for Jesus. I can’t begin to tell you my love/doubt relationship with the wonderful creator.  You see it is the scientist is me that seeks to know all, and the scientist in me that acknowledges those who seek will always question never finding destination only questions for the question.

I’m a God chaser.  I chase God in everything.  I love for him everywhere and I want to know him.  If you ever want to see me with my antennas  up, start talking about God.  He is the one wonder that alludes me.  In the recesses of my mind, I know he is there always promoting, pushing and protecting me.  It is He who gives me my purpose and my passions.  Organically speaking, God is and has always been my source even when I was unaware.  I would like to say like many others that I came to him, but that simply not the truth.  God has always abided in me.  The immutability of God is that he is always there even for the unbelievers because that’s who he is.  You can’t escape him even if you don’t acknowledge.  The whole entire world acknowledges God in one way or another which is the beauty of who God is. That’s the organicness of God.


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