An Organic Journey


The journey back to you is always the longest journey.  Miles and miles you travel to find your new normal.  2015 has come and brought with it many new changes and insight.  If you are like me you are trying to navigate your way to a new place in life.  You’ve sworn that this year will be different.  You’re going to be more organized, you are finally going to lose those last 10 lbs (40 lbs) for me.  Maybe you’ve purchased a 2015 journal, and a super fancy  organizer that is sure to put you one step ahead of where you were this time last year.  Sadly, you’ve come to realize that you  haven’t begun to add one single entry.  Let’s face it.  Life happened, AGAIN!

Last November I had a spiritual moment.  It consisted of being thankful for a month.  I knew at the beginning of the month that I would be more appreciative at the end of this 30 day journey.  I enlisted my bible study group and another group that I belong to.  So for 30 days with one group and 21 days with the other we became grateful.  Boy, I did not have an idea how this would change my life.  I learned that being thankful is hard work.  So, after the first days of thanking God for my husband, kids, house, family, church, life, health and strength.  I ran out of things to be thankful for.  I was really coming up empty.  Why, because I never really practice being grateful.    It sounded so good at the beginning doing the grateful thing.  Who could not be grateful for 30 days?  I found myself looking for things to be grateful for.  It was hard.  It felt like I was cheating because I just randomly started thanking God for anything just to fulfill the obligation.  How could it be such  a struggle to thank God for what I have?  It should be easy, right?  That was the problem, I was focusing on the things that I had. I learned  it wasn’t about being thankful for the things that I have, but being  thankful for the things that God has done for me that allows me to be a partaker of this space.

This may sound crazy, but one day I remembered feeling my fingers as I woke up.  I began to trace my face with my fingers.  I raised my arms and breathed deeply.   I quickly said God thank you for the feeling in my hands. It was if this was the first time I was introduced to them.  It opened the door to the many things I ignore on a daily basis. I suddenly became aware that my feet work each day as I step out of bed.  I was conscious of everything around me.  The sun didn’t shine differently this day, yet it appeared to be made just for me.  Each day, I began to wear gratitude. Believe it or not, I didn’t just learn more about my gratitude I learned more about the  abundant grace that God affords each of us.  I look at life more differently.  I appreciate the most basic things and I marvel at the many things that bothered me that is no longer  on my radar.  I’m more patient with others and long lines are just that; long lines.

As Leading Ladies in the world we create our roads lead to many different points on the globe.  Whether you are a busy businesswoman, single-mom or a stay-at-home mom we have navigated our lives to adapt.  Why not give yourself permission to detour?    That’s why I am doing.  I’m creating new lanes and new avenues.  I’ve decided to live off-script now.  I’m no longer bound by what society dictates for me.  I’m no longer confined to the constraints of psuedo-christianity.  I am the best me!  So, no need to put me in a mold for others.

I pray that 2015 is all that you are willing to let it be.  The only limits are the limits you put on yourself.  For me, the sky is a limit.  I’m going beyond that.  Will you join me?

Organic Sista


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