Aloe Gel Recipe

My Intentional Self  ( Originally posted in 2/2016)
Have you ever wanted to make your own products that you buy so often in the store?  Or have you ever gone to the store and thought I need a larger bottle of this, but you didn’t want to purchase multiples to get the volume you needed?  Well, I have.  Many times I’m in the store and I want more of this or less of that.  The difference for me always ends up being the price.  Several years ago, I started experimenting with Aloe.  I recall my father and mother drinking Aloe and one day sneaking into the refrigerator to drink it only to spit it out abruptly.  It tasted horrible.  I would have never thought as a child that Aloe would become such a staple in my pantry.  Today I use aloe for so many things.  I use it to make a creamy bar of soap.  I use it in my feminine cosmetic products and I just adore it for my skincare and haircare applications.  And I ESPECIALLY LOVE IT in the colon.  So today, I wanted to share with you a basic recipe.
Aloe is one of those plants that has too many benefits to list.  The Aloe Vera plant dates back to early Egyptian times.  Stone carvings dating back 6,000 years had the aloe vera plant depicted on them.  It was also presented in burial rituals for kings and pharoahs.
Historically, aloe has been used to to treat skin conditions, heal wounds, burns and internally as a laxative.  When my parents used it they used it to reduce blood pressure and diabetes.  I didn’t know it then, but that must have been where I got my naturopathic bug from as they were practicing natural medicine.  Today, aloe is used in traditional medicine for sunburns, psoriasis, eczema, stomach ailments and detoxing programs .  The lists goes on and on.  So, I won’t bore you.  Here’a recipe that I make in batches for my products and detox laxative products.

I make the above recipe and I add it to my cleansers, washers, conditioners as well as hair care products.  For many of you, you will not have carbomer.  Carbomer is a thickening and gelling agent.  This is a product  mainly used by formulators, but for those do-it-yourselfers you can omit the carbomer.  You will still get a gel-like consistency.

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What can I do with my new  aloe based product?
Aloe is good for a great toner?  After using your primary facial products.  Pour 8 oz of your gel recipe in a bottle and apply to your face before moisturizing.  Create a label and now you have a do it yourself product.
Add the aloe vera gel to your smoothie mix.  Adding Aloe to your smoothie mix will supply plenty of fiber and help assist your bowels to move.
Apply  aloe gel to your skin to keep it from burning while you are at the beach.
Substitute, the water component in an enema and use the Aloe as a retention enema between colonics.*******
Adding your Aloe mixture to your lotion will kick your lotion up a notch by adding soothing benefits.

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