DIY: Natural Homemade Cleaning Recipes

DIY: Natural Homemade Cleaning Recipes


I love to make my own cleaning supplies.  Walking into my home and smelling a clean fresh house after working many hours is what the doctor has in order for me.  Nothing beats the smell of fresh lemons and stimulating essential oils.  It immediately picks up my spirit and create a sense of calmness.  Visitors to my home always remark how soothing and calm my house is.  I love it when we have guests overnight and they remark, there is something about that bedroom or your house evokes peace.  The quick answer is essential oils. Nothing can quicken your spirit and sense of sensibilities as essential oil.  Whether it is lavender (my favorite) or chamomile, eucalyptus or lemongrass, these oils will ignite you.  Packed within these pure oils are essences that you will discover that are therapeutic and mood provoking.   So here’s one of my cleaning recipes.

All Purpose Cleaner

4 oz of Castille Soap

12 oz of distilled water

1/8 cup of lemon or vinegar

10 drops of your favorite essential oil

I use this all purpose cleaner on my kitchen counter tops  and bathroom.  The castille is a very mild soap yet it cleansing properties are amazing.  I add vinegar or lemon (and sometimes both) to give the soap some astringent properties to cut through grime and grease.

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